Welcome to the Molecular Quantum Technology Lab!

We are building an ion trap for precision metrology of charged molecule leveraging second-scale quantum coherence to test fundamental physics, search for new chemistry and develop molecular quantum technology

Join our ERC-funded precision measurement project to search for parity violation in chiral molecular ions –

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Trapped molecules will help tackle these topics:

  • Measuring parity violation in chiral molecules
    • Are chiral molecules in quantum eigenstates? \(|L\rangle, |R\rangle\). Or are the true eigenstates superpositions of \(|L\rangle+|R\rangle\). Can we see tunneling between the left and right hands for long-lived chiral molecules? Can we transform left to right by quantum interference?
    • Why are amino acids in biological organisms left-handed? In an alternate world, could all DNA molecules have evolved with mirror image symmetry?
    • We are developing quantum tools for detection of molecular chirality.
    • quantum potential
  • Cold quantum ion-neutral chemistry
    • Are inelastic processes dominated by tunneling resonances at low temperatures?
    • Unraveling the quantum nature of chemistry near absolute zero!
  • Read about the molecular ion we will study CHDBrI\(^+\) (pronounced "CaHDBurrY") J. Chem. Phys. 159, 114307 (2023) and Chem. Communi. (2023)


    Read our proposal for parity Violation measurement by three-wave mixing: Phys. Rev. X (2023)

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    Our first experimental setup is starting to take shape

    lasers and vacuum


    Precision Measurement
    Quantum Chemistry
    Parity Violation
    Resonance Scattering
    Quantum Sensing
    Standard Model Tests
    New Physics Searches
    Dark Matter

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    Help us design and build our lab to solve these mysteries.

    We are hiring MSc/PhD students and Postdocs!

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